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Koh Phangan is a beautiful island on the east coast of Thailand just over two hours by boat from Surat Thani town on the mainland and covers some 190 square kilometers in area. Koh Samui is located just south of Koh Phangan and is a twenty minute catamaran ride. The international airport is then ten minutes from the catamaran ferry terminal by minibus. There are also several ferry lines between these two great islands and the airport at Surat Thani can be reached by boat and bus. Koh Phangan used to be a back packers destination as party people from all over the world flocked to the full moon party. These days we see couples, families and many different types of tourists enjoying their stay – a trend which is intensifying each year.

Thong Sala
The main town on Koh Phangan is the port of Thong Sala, located on the West coast.
This is a busy shopping area with many restaurants, banks, markets, Thai boxing schools, Thai cooking schools and bars. A hub of activity with opportunities for shops and bars.



Moving north from Thong Sala along the coast the road climbs the headland where there are stunning views out to small islands and a sand bar which is visible at low tide. The bay here is called Ao Hin Kong and Ao Wok Tum and is divided by a stream that feeds the sea – hence the two names.

As the road descends there is beach front land which runs for a couple of miles along the coast. Here the water at low tide is marshy, the view very photogenic and the land behind the beach flat and spacious. We pass the headland beaches of Haad Chao Phao and Ao Si Thanu and the road climbs to Haad Son and then down to Haad Yao where you will find a beautiful and busy golden beach. This area is again perfect for tourist developments of all kinds.



Gallery A

This road shows very little development and there is an amazing sense of nature driving through the trees and fields. There are outcrops of shops and on the early part of the road the land is flat. It is set back from the sea and only in a few areas is the sea visible from this route. There are turnings to the left taking you to the coast road. As you reach Haad Salat and Mae Haad there is land for sale overlooking the sea through to Chalok Lam. Haad Salat is a quiet beach best reached by boat although cars can get through. The island road is safe if a bit winding and the views are spectacular – particularly coming over the hill and first seeing the mountains surrounding the Chalok Lam bay area at the very north of the island. Chalok Lam has some amazing properties available either on the sea front, in the town, just behind the beach or on the hillsides with glorious panoramic views of the mountains and bay. The area is ideal for developing villas, holiday homes, resorts, residential homes, hotels etc.

From Chalok Lam a boat can take you to the hidden Bottle Beach which is in accessible by road or drive through to Haad Khom a smaller beach location just over the headland from the bay.



Gallery B

This is an old road, full of holes but with amazing views of the mountains. The land is flat near the town and is perfect for residential and villa type developments. As the road leaves the town there is a national park on the right with a stream and water fall. The road climbs in the centre of the island to the summit with Chalok Lam bay in front of you. There is a Chinese and a Thai temple set in the hillside surroundings on your left and as Chalok Lam is approached there is an Elephant Safari attraction. In addition to the usual tourist developments there are opportunities for all sorts of businesses such as amusement parks as land is plentiful.



Gallery C

From Thong Sala south there is a thirty minute drive to the party beach of Haad Rin (world famous for the full moon party). There are several great beaches along this stretch - Baan Tai, Baan Kai. Haad Rin Nok and Haad Rin Nai with miles and miles of sandy beach, bungalows and resorts spread throughout. From this stretch of coast the island of Koh Samui is fully visible - fantastic views and brilliant sunsets. The road from Thong Sala to Haad Rin is a main thoroughfare- the busiest road on the island with shops, bars and many businesses springing up on a daily basis. Rental of a shop unit with accommodation on top works out at 8,000-15,000 baht per month depending upon the location. It is a three minute walk to the beach where most resorts feature a bar and restaurant area. The area is predominately flat with prime location land available for development - resorts, bars, clubs, shops, theme parks, entertainment ideas and so on.

Just off the main road you will find two temples – one with great views of the island and the other which enjoys festival at various times of the year.

As Baan Kai is approached the terrain becomes hillier on the left and the road from Baan Kai to Haad Rin is steep, winding and care is needed to traverse it. Along the road are opportunities for buying land and the sea views are amazing –looking over to Koh Samui and back along the Phangan coast from height. These properties tend be located on sharply sloping land.

Haad Rin itself is a thriving resort that has grown hugely over the past twenty years. The main bay is simply stunning with resorts backing onto the beach. Often criticized for over development Land is at a premium here. This is a real party place – ideal for insomniacs.



Gallery D

Other beautiful resorts on the east of the island such as Tong Nai Pan take some ninety minutes to reach by jeep from Thong Sala but are well worth the trek. Hidden resorts such as Than Sadet feature beautiful waterfalls and have the kings initials carved upon the rocks. There are also many beautiful coves only reachable by boat – Haad Yao (not to be confused with its namesake on the opposite coast), Haad Wai Nam, Haad Thian and Haad Yuan.

To get to these destinations on Route D - the road south from Thong Sala there is a left turning just before the Haad Rin road gets steep. A newly built road leads to the top of the mountain and from here there are basic country roads that take you to your destination. The area is ideal for building retreats, jungle style resorts, adventure grounds and relaxing escapes.

As the sea is reached there are beautiful bays such as Thong Noi Pan which is promoted as a family retreat – a trend that is now seen all over the island. Land is for sale and resorts are for sale in this region.



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Island Life


The Island Life Gallery displays the people of Koh Phangan going about their business, religion and leisure. There are also pictures of the food, nature and some more of the scenery.


Island Life Gallery




Useful Facts


Mountainous 1-1.5 million baht per Rai depending upon location
Flat Land 1.5-2.5 million baht per Rai depending upon location


Beachfront 3-10 million baht per Rai depending upon location
Hillside Sea View 2-6 million baht per Rai depending upon location

The units of land measurement in Thailand are the Wah, Ngan, and Rai. Conversion factors between Thai measurements and metric measurements are:

1 Wah = 2 meters
1 square Wah = 4 square meters
100 square Wah = 400 square meters = 1 Ngan
4 Ngan = 1 Rai = 1,600 square meters
Conversion factors between Thai measurements, meters and acres are:
1 acre = 4840 square yards
1 acre = 4,046.8561 square meters

There are plenty of banks in Thong Sala and there is one Western Union office. Dotted around the island are many ATM cash points – usually next to the 7-11 retail outlets which are plentiful. The main post office is based in Thong Sala with a sub post office at Haad Rin.

There is a local hospital which is the equivalent of an accident and emergency facility with larger hospitals based on Koh Samui.

Communications are very good with high speed internet available in many places. There is power cabling available in most locations. Ordering a meter and supply to your land does take a little while to arrange such is the demand.

Water is obtained through a well –either a shared facility or from your own land. There are sewers in some areas of the island although the vast majority of buildings use plastic lined cess pits which are pumped out periodically.

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