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Land Ref. - L0101B     

Total Rai Available - 7.68 Rai divided into 8 plots of approx 1 Rai each.

Cost Per Rai - 3.15 Million Baht

Title Deed - Nor Sor 3 Gor

Can Sub Divide? - Already sub-divided. No further sub-division.

Chalok Lam Bay Riverside Development I is located on the road from Chalok Lam to Haad Khom. The plot is 7.68 Rai in total and has already been divided into 8 separate plots, each with an individual Nor Sor Sam Gor. The plots are framed by the amazing Chalok Lam Bay Mountains which add a tremendous dynamic to the location. The Nor Sor Sam Gor land ownership paper is easily converted into a Chanote.

The development stretches from the new 6 million Baht road (under construction) and gently slopes 190 metres down to the river side. At this point the property is just 100 metres from the sea.

Some of the plots of land have their own water sources (wells) and the others will be supplied by the current landowner’s water well. The road that passes through the property is a private road owned by the current landowner and written permission to use this road will be part of the contract as will the water supply. The road has permission for access right through to the beach at Niramon Villas (formerly Saithong Bungalows).

The plot closest to the river has exclusive mooring rights within a small inlet from the main river. Electricity is already in place and the supply is being extended when the new road is built.

A foot bridge further up river also allows access to the beach at Fantasea and Fanta Bungalows. The properties represent perfect opportunities for bungalows, villas, chalet style and residential developments. The property has just come onto the market and is an outstanding opportunity for private or corporate clients looking to buy land upon which to build their own style development.

Cost of Each Plot

Plot 84 = 241 Wah (0.6025 Rai) = 1.91 Million Baht
Plot 85 = 427 Wah (1.06 Rai) = 3.34 Million Baht
Plot 86 = 422 Wah (1.055 Rai) = 3.51 Million Baht
Plot 87 = 400 Wah (1 Rai) = 3.15 Million Baht
Plot 88 = 393 Wah (0.9825 Rai) 3.1 Million Baht
Plot 89 = 397 Wah (0.99 Rai) = 3.19 Million Baht
Plot 90 = 400 Wah (1 Rai) = 3.15 Million Baht
Plot 91 = 396 Wah (0.99 Rai) = 3.19 Million Baht

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Distances - (Approximate)
    To the sea - 100 Metres (from Riverside end)
    To the nearest village - 1 Kilometre to Chalok Lam
    To Thong Sala - 10 Kilometres

Located Near Route - B
Situated - Riverside
Aspect - West
View - River View
Geography - Gently Sloping
Terrain - Grass/Soil - Trees - Stream
Utilities and Access
     Electricity - Yes
     Water - Yes (varies by plot see above)
     Telephone & Internet - Yes
     Public Sewage - Future
     Access to road - Public Road -Private Road
Neighbours -
     North - Bungalows - Fields - Empty
     South - Empty
     East - Empty
     West - Bungalows - River

Rental Possibilities - No









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